Hell to your doorstep

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The world is a place where the villains wear a smile on their face
While they take what you can never replace
Stolen moments gone forever
Well, tables can turn as my enemies will soon enough learn
I will strike a match and then watch them burn
On the pyre of obsession
You run till you drop, chasing on advantage
Youll pay any price if you think its free
I will carry hell to your doorstep I will make you pay
You will reap the hate youve sown on my judgment day
Sleepless nights and days of damnation
Soon and evermore
I will bring the Chateau DIf knocking upon your door
And love is a lie swearing that no matter what it wont die
Disappearing like a star in the sky
In the hot light of morning
But what do I care?
There are women to be had everywhere
First theres retribution I must prepare
Mighty vengeance is mine
I have a nice show that will tempt you onward
And just when youre sure that the prize is yours
Ill deliver hell to your doorstep dressed in rich facade
Then, Ill burn you to the ground like an angry god
Once youre in my shining cathedral heed the tolling bell
Its the final sound you hear as you descend to hell
Fall down on your knees
Fall down and let me hear you pray
Fall down on your knees
till I can hear you bargaining, scheming, begging and screaming to me
I will carry hell to your doorstep you will rue the day
You will reap the hate youve sown no matter how hard you pray
Its a place without any mercy, fashioned in cold blood
Stones of fear and stones of doubt
No forgiveness, no way out
Only justice
Then, amen

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